Who We Are

What does a manufacturer’s rep group in the Christian products industry do? 

That answer has two parts – relating to, first, the vendors we represent and second, the retail stores we serve.


Retailers –

  • We represent approximately 20 gift companies and 8 publishers that include some of the strongest names in the industry – Harvest House Publishers, Carson Home Accents, Christian Brands, Howard’s Jewelry, Howard Publishing, Gregg Gift, and many others.
  • Our reps are personable, professional and persistent – many have been with us for 10 or more years and have a strong grasp of the Christian retail market, both in their individual stores and geographic regions.
  • We can assist almost any account seeking to offer Christian or inspirational product to their customer base.
  • Our field and in-house phone team work together closely to ensure that questions and orders are handled efficiently and accurately.
  • We focus on two specific areas – Christian chain stores and the independent Christian store market. Knowledgeable, dedicated strategic account reps work closely with their retail buyers to introduce them to the newest product lines and categories, manage and maximize existing product categories, develop customized product, and handle customer service issues in a timely fashion.
  • We also have access to closeout products, work with international buyers, frequent the industry’s trade shows, and utilize email marketing to get the hottest specials to our retailers.

Manufacturers of gift products and publishers of Christian books –

  • We provide national and international coverage into the inspirational Christian retail market in a single, affordable network of experienced sales professionals so there is no need to hire your own sales force.
  • Because we represent multiple gift lines into the Christian retail market, our reps are valuable assets to the buyers they call on. We have the experience, know-how and coverage to maximize your success.
  • In 2012 we sold to over 575 Christian chain store locations and over 1,000 independent Christian stores. Your product line will get exposure to this wide customer base.
  • Our goal is to cover every product category for our market while keeping the number of companies we represent small enough to devote ourselves whole-heartedly to each one.
  • We provide program development, product marketing, order processing, email blasts, product show support, marketing group engagement, and retailer feedback for our vendors.

Our History –

Genesis Marketing Group was founded by Dana Sullivan in 1970. It quickly became a leading rep group in the Christian products retail market. In 2006 the company was purchased by Becky Spragins who is the Chairman of our Board of Directors.

David George joined Genesis in 2005 and has been President since 2007. 

Tim Morgan joined us as CEO and board member in 2008.

Our corporate office is located in Greenville, South Carolina and we have 18 employees. We are a member of the Christian Bookseller Association (CBA) – our industry trade group.


Becky Spragins, Owner David George, President Tim Morgan, CEO


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Our Mission -

To be the most reputable sales organization in the Christian products industry by employing a professional sales team, providing excellent administrative support, utilizing strong executive leadership, and generating creative, targeted marketing.


Our Vision –

We appreciate Christian and inspirational products!  We love Bibles and other good books that encourage, inspire and change lives; and gifts that remind you of that change, because of Christ and the future hope found only in Him. Genesis/Revelation Marketing focuses on getting these products into retailers so people like you and me have access to them.


Our Values –

Honesty, humility, hard work, and integrity are highly valued at Genesis. We strive to apply the Golden Rule in all our relationships, treating others – retailers, vendors, suppliers and employees – the way we would want to be treated.