Vendors—Maximize Your Market Penetration

We understand that manufacturers and publishers need a viable way to present their products directly to retail buyers. We fulfill this need by providing a regular physical presence in both independent and strategic accounts. Our representatives understand that their greatest asset is their relationships with their buyers--physical calls get them in the door, but strong relationships with the buyers keep them there!

Our reps also play a large part in their buyers’ purchasing decisions, and buyers rely heavily on the expertise of their rep during the product selection process. In other words, Great Products + Lasting Relationships = Long Term Results!

Genesis provides complete coverage of all market segments for inspirational product. In 2014 we sold to more than 700 independent stores across the country, and field representatives physically called on more than 325 of these accounts. Our total sales in strategic and independent accounts in 2014 was more than $8 million wholesale.

We realize that we are the face and voice of our vendors to our customers and each member of our sales, marketing, and administrative staff takes this responsibility seriously. We are proud to represent each of our vendors and their products. Here are a few of the manufacturers and publishers we represent: