Peter Giannone

                         Name: Peter Giannone
Job Title/Position: Inside Book Sales Rep
How long have you been with Genesis? Since April 2015
What is the one thing you like most about your job? Talking about books. I am an avid reader and I am lucky to have a job where I can talk about books.
Favorite college job? Working at a shoe store. I had lots of good friends there and some who went to my church.
Family: My family is the best part of my life besides Jesus Christ. My wonderful wife is Erin and I have three incredible children: Declan, Daegan, and Eislee.
Do you have any defining moments? The defining moments in my life were 1989 when I became a born-again Christian and marriage to my wife in 1998.
How have you seen Christ most at work in your life over the past year? Over the past year God has humbled me in ways that I could not have imagined and I am grateful for the experience. God is still working on me to completely let go and trust in Him fully.
What are you reading? Any book by Francis Chan. He is always on my nightstand.
Do you have any special talents? Investing in the stock market
What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator? Milk, milk, and more milk
Do you have any special hobbies? Reading and taking long walks in the woods
Any random, funny or interesting facts about you? I have run a few 5K races in the past year.