Genesis specializes in inspirational product promotion and development, and works hand in hand with retailers, suppliers, catalog groups, and each of our sales departments to network product ideas and marketing materials. David George oversees our marketing efforts and works with vendors and our sales team and key internal individuals to relay information and feedback, put together promotions and packages, and coordinate our sales conferences and product shows. Following are the programs and services that we are involved in:



Sales Conferences

Because training is essential to the strength and growth of our team, we make it a priority to organize up to three physical sales conferences each year as well as one virtual sales conference where our reps interact with vendors, learn each cycle’s new product and promotions, and discuss areas of potential growth and opportunity. Our support staff plan and organize each conference in its entirety and work with our vendors to put together effective presentations, program and product for the conferences. These meetings are also excellent conduits for our vendors to gain real-time feedback on the retail market, product trends and what the competition is doing.

Product Shows

We attend the International Christian Retail Show; the two regional Christian Product Expos (by Munce Group); the Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas Gift Shows and several more localized shows. At these shows we can provide support for your marketing efforts in your booth, or if desired, we can showcase your product in a Genesis / Revelation booth. Joe Briley (, in addition to his field rep responsibilities, works with the various show venues and our vendors to coordinate our show activity.


Our recently upgraded website provides a portal for our retailers to view vendor catalogs, quarterly promotions and recent email marketing specials. This assists our reps to “show samples” to the retail buyers when a face to face meeting is impractical.


Catalog Groups

We work closely with the three independent Christian catalog marketing groups – Munce, Covenant and Parable. We present our vendors products at catalog product selection meetings, negotiate contracts for product placement in catalogs, ensure that those products are promoted to the member retailers and track sales results.



Product Development

With an extensive database of art, sentiments, scripture verses and programs for the inspirational market, we can provide vendors with specific information to assist in developing their product or we can equally work with strategic account buyers or catalog groups in developing custom product for their specific needs. Because of our flat structure we have the ability to move quickly and decisively in these areas. Since we approach the Christian retail channel with chain-retail, independent retail and international retail customers in mind, we can combine opportunities in each of these segments in order to meet MOQ requirements of our vendors.

Information Delivery Hardware

All of our strategic and field reps are equipped with laptops and portable printers and we are currently experimenting with webinar, dual-screen and tablet technology to better service our retailers and vendors.
PubReps Sales Software

We partner with Custom Software Solutions to provide an internet-based sales software system that provides an effective way to enter and transmit orders, save account information and run reports. Reps use the electronic order form to input orders which are compiled daily and emailed to our vendors in either XML or EDI format. Vendors can log into and update product information and run reports such as sales over a specific time period, sales by territory or rep, or sales by SKU.