Lenora Faucette

Lenora Faucette
Job title/position:
Executive Assistant
How long have you been with Genesis?
Since December 2011
What is the one thing you like most about your job?
My co-workers.
How have you seen Christ most at work in your life over the past year?
I have been learning so much about the church and the wonderful gift that it is in the life of the believer. So many of us do not take advantage of this spiritual support system.
What are you reading?
Clutter Free by Kathy Lipp
Do you have any special talents?
Having grown up in Nova Scotia, I used to be able to do the Highland fling and sword dance.
Any random, funny, or interesting facts about you?
I enjoy kickboxing and whole foods plant-based cooking! I’m a classic film buff, bordering on amateur film historian. If you ever want to know the name of “that guy who was in that thing” I can probably tell you. My sister and I have the same name but in two different languages.