Laura Fortney

Name: Laura Fortney
Job title/position: Inside Account Sales Rep
How long have you been with Genesis? Since March 2012
What do you like most about your job? Variety and helping people
Tell me about your family: I have a beloved husband of 34 yrs.  I have 2 grown children - Ken, a former Marine, and Jennifer, a piano teacher - and 2 beautiful grandsons.
What are some defining moments in your life? The birth of my children, the death of my parents and some severe trials that the Lord allowed in my life. All of these caused me to grow and change and come to know the Lord in ways that I never would have otherwise.
How do you enjoy spending your free time? Reading, music, working on my house (decorating, gardening, etc.), church activities/ministry, watching football and tennis, traveling
What do you enjoy reading? History, historical fiction, mysteries and anything by Tim Keller or Beth Moore.
Do you have any special talents? Musical (piano, flute, vocal) and cake decorating
What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator? Tea, apple butter, and salsa
Any random, funny, or interesting facts about you? I was a school band/instrumental teacher for 15 years.  I love wind band music and band competitions.