Independent Accounts Sales Team

We provide our vendors with physical and phone representation in independent Christian bookstores across the continental United States. The country is divided into geographical areas and we utilize a regional sales approach where each area has a dedicated field and phone representative to meet the retailer’s needs in that area. The larger independent accounts are serviced by our field reps and our phone team supports our field rep’s accounts for reorders and special programs as well as servicing remote locations or smaller dedicated retailers. 

Field Team 

Our field team has an average of 20 years of experience in the CBA industry and several of our reps have tenure of 10 to 20+ years with Genesis / Revelation, which translates into a wealth of industry knowledge and the best service possible.  Each rep is responsible for an average of 50 accounts that they physically call on three to four times a year.  Christian bookstore buyers value the services of their field reps – buyers like the convenience of being able to view and order multiple lines in one sitting, getting the most up-to-date promotions, and see samples of new products before making a purchasing decision.

We know that a physical presence in front of buyers is essential to maximize your sales potential, and we are committed to providing our manufacturers and publishers experienced and knowledgeable field representation. 

Barry Fannin Bob Robyn Chuck Zimmerman

Joe Briley


Les Jones


Ellen Lail


Inside Team

Our dedicated inside sales team – phone professionals who interact with hundreds of buyers on a monthly basis and communicate closely with our field team to provide full sales coverage in all of our regions.  Each regional team meets weekly via phone and monthly with management to discuss sales strategy for their general territory and specific accounts.  Our representatives use our sales software to schedule meetings with buyers and record information about each account in order to meet each store’s specific needs.

Our inside sales team understands the importance of building relationships with their buyers and they work hard to provide a positive purchase experience and excellent customer service so that buyers will call them first when they need product.

Laura Fortney Ellen Lail


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